Can One Enjoy Playing Casino Games Without Using Real Money?

Do you want to play casino games but cannot afford the leisure time or cash? Maybe you simply do not want to risk losing it all in the current economic climate. Social casinos might be your saving grace.

How Is A Social Casino Different?
While platforms such as GClub have limited free games alongside paid options, a social casino is an entire website or app dedicated to this purpose. It allows online friends to play together for free, including old casino favourites like poker and blackjack. 

Download it onto your mobile device or a computer, or browse through an ample catalogue of casino games on social media platforms, like Facebook.

Is It Really Free?
Yes. Social casinos are free. 

It means you can download and play the game anytime you feel the urge, without spending a single penny. The games use virtual tokens, which allows users to place bets in the game and replenishes when spent. 

Usually, a free casino game will give you limited coins daily so that when you’re out of coins, you would either have to wait for more or purchase some coins using real money. It’s a concept similar to smartphone games like Candy Crush—completely free up to a point unless you would like to hurry things along. 

There are even some options for requesting coins from online friends or watching advertising to win more coins. You will only be spending money to skip the