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I saw a post in an online gambling forum ask the following question: “Is it possible to win at online casinos without using the bonuses?”

I’d contend that it’s not only possible to win at online casinos without using the bonuses than it is to win at them with using the bonuses. And in this post, I’ll explain why.

Having More Money Doesn’t Make You More Likely to Win

It sounds counterintuitive. After all, if you have more money to gamble with, wouldn’t you almost assuredly have a better chance of being a winner? And don’t the online casino bonuses put more money into your bankroll?

Here’s what you need to understand about casino games: They’re almost always made up of negative expectation bets. The longer you play a negative expectation game, the likelier you are to lose money. That’s how the difference between the short term and the long works.

Your ONLY hope of winning money at the casino is to buck the odds, and that’s only likely and/or possible if you get lucky in the short run.

And yes, online casino bonuses do put more money into your bankroll. But they come with strings. And those strings are called “wagering requirements.”

In other words, you’re required to place a certain amount of wagers before being allowed to cash out. That’s the biggest and most important of the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work