Casinos and their most famous games- slots have evolved a lot in the passing decade. They started out as physical devices that were manually configured and became versatile programs that can be moulded to suit any theme and topic. Slot games advanced and became more popular by trying out themes, concepts, cultures, important personalities like pop stars. What has remained the same, though, throughout the years is the free spin bonuses. They have more or less adapted from the traditional machine and provide just as much excitement and rewards.

Interestingly enough, In some places in the world such as New Zealand, for example, the online pokies as they call online slots there, have overtaken the popularity of the traditional slot machines and have become the main version of the game.

Despite what you might expect, popstar and rockstar slots are not all that popular. In fact, there are only a handful of them still on the internet to date. However, what they lack in number, they more than makeup for with presentation, style, and player experience.

There is a nearly unquantifiable euphoria experienced by music lovers and fans who discovered or rediscovered their favourite musician. There might be more, but as of now, four major online slots dominate the music section of most online casino’s game category.

Jimi Hendrix