Blackjack was always one of the top five games to play at the casino, but the launch of online casinos has significantly increased the popularity of the game to become the most popular on this platform and helped gambling houses to attract new players. The game’s popularity is partly due to its fairly simple rules in which players have to essentially beat the dealer to a hand of 21. The popularity of Blackjack has been maintained through its portrayal in the movies and is the most talked about game on the casino floor. Here we look in more detail at the reasons for its popularity.

With most casino games, you place your bet and watch for the result. For example, if you bet on black in roulette, all you then need to do is watch for the result. It is the same deal on slot machines, but with Blackjack you need to plan your next move after the cards are dealt, which keeps the player involved throughout the game as they decide on further moves to hit, stand, double or split putting them at the centre of the game. The need to employ the right strategy at the right time needs a fair amount of mental gymnastics to win, which is part of the fun.

Online casinos nearly all offer welcome bonuses to new players, with promotions open to new, returning and loyal players. The best online blackjack sites have captured the imagination of many